Our Mission and Vision

Our anOfarm integrate and optimize all various collect, processes and provides information about various pesticides free organisations, including orders, inventory, distribution, human resources, and receipt of payments and forecasting of future demands.

The Mission and Vision of anOfarm:

Our vision is to be earth’s most health building customer centric society, to build a place where people can come to find and easily search their preferences for healthy livelihood. People can also discover the reason behind diseases and how to get rid of from that by changing a little bit replacement in their kitchen by a single clicking.
anofarm.com has a clear focus and solitary mission towards the healthy life of all people among the global village since the very first day of it’s began. We want to make the entire world refresh through organic and biodiversity revolution by minimizing the pesticides and chemical pollution.

We would strive to be a part of everyone’s kitchen throughout our country and outside the country also, for raising the glee of the world, we are energized to serve every people by bringing the blessings of our natural products .we want to become one of the most healthy marketer in the world and to be recognized as a global health brand, anOfarm the ultimate health resolution.

 Our Objectives are :

1. To enhance the environment for research and learning by intending knowledge in the reason behind increasing cancer and other diseases and develop awareness at all level of the society.

2. To ensure quality products to every people through online services and increasing the availability of pesticides free food product to everyone’s door step.

3. To inspire the cancer patients by providing optimism and happiness through special discount on our product, so that they can have their required healthy food (antioxidants)at lesser price and go a long way in life .

4. To build timeless leadership approach those are gaining renewed attention towards healthy environment with ethical values and develop mutual trust between anOfarm and society

5. To motivate society towards a healthy and poison free life.

6. To develop a communication channel through internet division which allows anOfarm to establish direct links to customers and expand its new market.

7. To succeed with international e-business are tailoring our websites to address differences in languages, regulations, payment systems and consumer preferences in different parts of the world.

8. To develop highly educated farmers and agricultural machinery related research team to serve our country’s economy as because India’s first largest income is coming from agriculture.

9. To develop close visibility between the farmers and the customers and look forward to.

10. To introduce a lifestyle awards for our society as rewards, for meeting natural and comparatively diseases free life. Keeping healthy body and mind, healthy food (pesticide free) is a pillar; we are committed to create a heat their society and world.